Craft Distillery

Still Fired Distilleries

Lequille Country Store
Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia

Pirates Delight (contains almonds)


A delicious blend of Divers Envy, Rapture of the Deep, Craft Falernum (Spring Water, Cane Sugar, Three Sheets to the Wind Molasses Moonshine, Toasted Slivered Almonds, Lime Zest, Cloves, Ginger, Almond Extract), and Orange Bitters.

1 x 375 ml Bottle = 4 cocktails

Still Fired Distilleries is bringing you our Signature Line of premium Ready-to-Mix Cocktails using our award winning spirits and only the finest ingredients. Visit and subscribe to our Moonshine Mixology Youtube channel for a visual “How it’s Made” experience with Gavin Robichaud. We hope you enjoy this cocktail and many more. Share your photos and experiences with @stillfireddistillery.

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